Zari Not Happy as Diamond Names Side Dish’s Child Heir

Zari Not Happy as Diamond Names Side Dish’s Child Heir

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz is one of the most admired male celebrities in Africa by women due to his fame and money but this could come to an end after he named his last born the heir to his throne.

Diamond, while celebrating the birthday of Dylan, his son with Hamisa Mobetto, acknowledged that the kid is his last born urging him to follow in his footsteps.

Hamisa Mobeto with Diamond Platnumz

“Happy birthday to the next Platnumz, my last born, my country man, weak person like me for things haven’t been good for you as a kid, and that’s the reason I love you more,” he said.

Zari Hassan, Diamond Platinumz and one of their kids

The CEO Wasafi Records went on to bless the one-year old son asking God to protect him before naming him the heir to his musical throne.  “May the almighty Allah raise as a perfect kid, give you wisdom, health, joy, and blessings. When you grow old, I want you to become a musician like your father and be loved and when God blesses you, may you bless the poor like us. Happy birthday my handsome, young kind, young lion, and young Dangote Dylan,” Diamond added.

Zari with Diamond before spliting

Chimply has since established that Diamond’s ex-wife Zari Hassan is not happy that the ‘African Beauty’ singer has named Mobetto’s kid his heir. This is not surprising because the Ugandan socialite considers the Tanzanian model a side dish and the reason her (Zari) relationship with Diamond ended.

Diamond and Hamisa had a private birthday party at Wasafi Records to mark their son’s first birthday.

Hamisa Mobetto and her son Dylan have on many occasions been disowned by the singer’s close family and friends as they prefer the two kids he has with Zari despite parting ways early this year.



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