Why Tekno’s Kenya concert was a mess

Why Tekno’s Kenya concert was a mess


Organizers for The Wave concert featuring Tekno Miles have spoken out.

According to the Wave concert organizers Tekno was a complete diva and was not an easy artist to work with.

“He was unmanageable, he was very difficult. The epitome of being a diva was Tekno Miles. It’s really unfortunate because Kenyans really like this guy and they love his music; his music is amazing,” Tele, one of the event organizers from Hype Entertainment, explained during Capital FMs Hits Not Homework on Monday.

Tekno missed a good number of his appearances, a move that a lot of his fans as well as the organizers did not take too well.

One of the key issues pointed out by the concert goers was the fact that Tekno’s performance was not up to par with him only performing for 28 minutes amidst a number of technical hitches.

“We didn’t know that we were paying for that type of performance. As far as we were concerned he was coming to do a 45 to one hour set.”

On Tekno hitting the stage at 3.30 am, the organizers had this to say:

“We wanted him to leave the hotel at 10 so he could at least come and socialize with the other Kenyan artists on the ground but he was like ‘It’s too early oh’ so we had to mitigate and push our performances a bit forward,” Tele said.

DJ Crème came under a lot of scrutiny, with a lot of Kenyans blaming him for the technical hitches but Crème cleared the air blaming the issues on a lack of preparedness with him being told, 10 minutes before the performance, to DJ with Tekno’s live band.

“He did not rehearse. He refused to come for sound check,” the organizers confirmed.

The organizers did apologize to concert goers for the issues experienced.

Source: Pulselive.co.ke

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