UWOPA Boss Resigns Over MP Amoding

UWOPA Boss Resigns Over MP Amoding

UWOPA Boss Resigns Over MP Amoding

The coordinator of Uganda Women’s Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) Betty Lyamuremye has resigned ‘citing’ intrigue and sabotage from the top leadership. Betty Lyamuremye has been serving as the coordinator of this Association that champions the rights of Ugandan women.

Information has it that sexy Lyamuremye tendered in her resignation letter about 2 months ago after realizing that some members of the top management were sabotaging her position and forging her signature to get funds from the donors. UWOPA whose activities are funded by donors is currently headed by Kumi Woman MP Monicah Amoding who serves as its chairperson and thus one of the signatories to all UWOPA projects.

Monicah Amoding, UWOPA chairperson

“Betty decided to resign because some influential members of the Association where colluding to forge her signatures to acquire donor funds and later force her to account for the funds,” an insider revealed. The source added that most forged accountabilities were for workshop and civil society conferences.

When Lyamuremye who on Tuesday flew out of the country to ‘cool off’ was contacted for a comment to justify her resignation, the sexy babe declined to comment.

UWOPA is one of the most active parliamentary fora which was established during the 5th Parliament with the aim of engendering the legislative process, creating awareness campaigns and encouraging lobbying and advocacy, networking and exchange programmes.

When UWOPA publicity secretary Pamela Nasiyo (Budaka Woman MP), she also declined to comment on the matter, saying, “I am not in a comfortable place right now to comment on that matter, I would encourage you to contact the chairperson.”

Chairperson Monicah Amoding in a telephone interview told our reporter that there is no substantive evidence to prove such allegations of forgery.

“I am also hearing such rumours from the corridors, but what remains a fact is that Betty left three months ago to pursue a new career with better opportunities,” she said.

Amoding added there are three signatories to UWOPA projects and that she is usually the last to sign on the paper and may not be able to trace the alleged forgery if any.

She termed such allegations as witch-hunt considering that there are coming at a time when she stood as the only NRM MP who openly opposed the Age Limit bill that was proposed and endorsed by majority party MPs on a Tuesday caucus.

“Why now? I know the MPs who are spreading this propaganda, but I will not be diverted from what I believe is right,” Amoding said.



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