Top Bryan White Beneficiaries Celebrate his Freedom

Top Bryan White Beneficiaries Celebrate his Freedom

It was all ululations and jubilation in the Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White camp when his people heard that his attempted murder charges had been dropped.

It seems God spared the socialite’s life at the Kabaka birthday run marathon on Sunday when he fainted for a good reason.

The form of his release

The Makindye Grade II court dropped the charges after the skinny don begged court to allow him and the plaintiff settle the matter outside court.

Indeed the request yielded good results because as we speak, this afternoon court permitted Victor Bitwire and Bryan White to hold negotiations outside court.

“Be ready to fight alone, trust in God, build up an energy that can make u win the fight alone. For me, the support from good hearted people is a bonus to me, free at last,” the excited Bryan White posted on his page.

The members of his foundation could not stay calm with such news, they jumped up and down celebrating because his freedom clearly means a lot to them.

Singers like Pallaso, King Micheal, and comedians like Chiko, Madrat, and Teacher Mpamire almost lost their voices while screaming when they saw the withdrawal form.



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