THIS WEEK: NOTU rejects importation of Cuban doctors

THIS WEEK: NOTU rejects importation of Cuban doctors
Sarah Opendi

NOTU rejects importation of Cuban doctors

Kampala, Uganda |THE INDEPENDENT | Confirming an earlier allegation, Sarah Opendi, the Health Minister In charge of General Duties said government said government is planning to import medical specialists to fill the gaps in hospitals across the country.

Opendi who was appearing before a committee of parliament said upcountry hospitals are short of specialists and that they are proposing to import some of these who are to be paid $1500 which is slightly above shs5million.

However this didn’t impress some members of parliament who instead said the money to be paid to expatriate doctors should be used to better the working conditions of those already working in the country.

The National Organisation for Trade Unions (NOTU), an umbrella institution for worker organizations rejected the proposal too. Peter Christopher Werikhe, the NOTU Secretary General said the country has enough medical specialists but are poorly remunerated that’s why some choose to leave the country.

Even those that choose to stay he said work under terrible conditions that soon kick them out.

But, even as criticism continues, 40 specialists who constitute the first batch of the Cuban specialists are expected to be in the country soon.

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