Social worker flees home

Social worker flees home

By Website writer
Patrick Ssewanonda, a 25-year-old man knew there was trouble when he heard a knock on the door at his tenement (Muzigo) in Nansana, a Kampala Suburb notorious for mob justice.
According to sources that spoke to us, he operated a glass cutting business in the suburb and unknown to him, Ssewanonda, a social worker had been under surveillance by the Local Council (LC1) committee for engaging in queer behaviour.
A resident of Kiggundu Zone, Makerere 3 parish, Kawempe Division, he had moved to Nansana after his conservative parents threatened his life after they found out he was a Queer. “They said to me: ‘Either we will kill you, or we will lock you up in a psychiatric ward and throw away the key,” he narrated.
Ssewanonda had a partner, Richard Jjingo Ssenyondo, and their relationship blossomed under cover for over eight years after they met in a boy’s boarding school.
However on that fateful evening of October 2016, he was with his partner in the rented room when the LC committee led by the Defence secretary Nsalasatta Boaz stormed their home with a mob with intent to kill them for spreading the gay agenda in the area. In the ensuing melee both suspects fled in blood after being beaten.
When we spoke to Ssewanonda’s parents in Makerere Kavule they were bitter at him for bringing a curse upon them. They said their lives were also at stake as people traced their home and threatened to kill them and burn their home. “We live in fear. We don’t know where he is. The last time we heard, he was in Kiryagonja, Matugga. It is long since we last heard from him,” a concerned family member said. They suspect he fled the country.
Following a wave of detention, torture and killing, a number of people from the LGBTQI community living in Uganda have had to flee their homes because of their sexuality.



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