Social media is brutal – Martha Kay

Social media is brutal – Martha Kay

By Ahmad Muto

Self-styled comedian Martha Kay has not been getting the best of social media since her Range rover tale and she has admitted it is not fun behind her keyboard.

Martha Kay says online is not easy

She says since she decided to become active on social media this year and clap back at trolls, she re-awakened even those that never knew she existed. She says trolls have pointed out flaws on her that she also didn’t know she had. “They will comment about your body and everything. But now I have embraced it that even when thy try to use it against me, I am aware so I am not hurt. Someone said my legs are the next big thing after the Jinja bridge,” she said.

She adds that she no longer cries after reading comments because the good ones normally outnumber the bad ones so she can’t be crying while the trolls have moved on with their lives.



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