Siima Leaves XFM

Siima Leaves XFM

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After 7 long years on XFM’s XAM morning show, which she launched at the start of the station when it re-branded from Vision Voice, radio presenter, Siima Kyakuhaire Sabiti, has left XFM.
Siima made the announcement on Twitter following rumours that her new gig at Flair Magazine had become so heavy for her to the extent that she couldn’t handle the morning radio show.

According to Siima, the decision was made by management. ‘This Friday will be my last time presenting on XAM, a show I have been on since its inception in 2011. I am stating clearly that this was not my decision. I have not quit. That is a story that is doing the rounds and although I know the source of that lie, there is no need to call them out on it. I can’t be bothered. The show is being taken in a different direction and senior management decided that it would best be presented by different hosts. Regardless of other duties I have held, and continue to hold, at Vision Group, I have always given 200% on the show. Which renders the added narrative of ‘oh she’s quitting because of the magazine’ null and void.’

Siima revealed that she has enjoyed every day of her time at XFM. ‘I have loved every single minute of presenting on XAM. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a blast it was working with Rudende and Libolo every single morning. I truly believe what we did was original and proved that you don’t have to stick to the same radio format or copy other stations in order to make people want to listen to you. I am proud of the fact that we kept evolving and did not end up flogging a dead horse. From ‘WORD OF THE DAY’ (hold tight Rudende !) to Libolo’s hilarious songs, right through to my Luganda Tweet of the Day…the 3 of us were not afraid to push boundaries and just DO. THINGS. DIFFERENTLY. Even if it wasn’t always appreciated or acknowledged. But you know what? From the ton of messages and phone calls I’ve received since this morning, I know we WERE appreciated, by those who mattered most. The listeners. Thank you to everyone who has messaged me, honestly you made waking up at 4am and not having a social life worth it.’

The radio star made it clear that she will be on the airwaves one way or another. ‘End of me on Xfm ? Yes. End of me on radio? ISSA NOPE!’ she tweeted.

Listeners have activated a #ThankYouSiima tag to appreciate the presenter for making their mornings worthwhile.

Siima Kyakuhaire Kyomuhendo Sabiti represented the new voices of FM broadcasting enough to win over cynics who may have tuned out for a lack of infotainment. The XFM ‘boss lady” drove the station’s flagship show X-AM alongside the eloquent Rudende Nkurunziza and the jesting Libolo to bring a freshness to radio that flexed your funny bone while delivering an infotainment binge. She was also part of the Saturday (6am-10am) pairing with KK (Katuramu Kenneth) on the aptly-titled “The Morning After The Night Before/ Postinor” show makes for great hangover therapy before KK also left Radio not long ago.

We will keep you posted.

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