Sheebah sweats at Liquid Silk Bugolobi

Sheebah sweats at Liquid Silk Bugolobi

By Musa Ssemwanga
Sheebah Karungi didn’t have a successful musical 2017 but months into this new year she’s faring on well thanks to her collaboration song with Nigeria’s Run Town and a few other promising to be hit singles she’s released so far.

Sheebah was made tpo sweat during her performance

At Liquid Silk Bugolobi,she indeed performed like a ‘Swag’ Mama in her glittering well tailored jump suit.

She mimed Muwe,Weekend,JohnRambo,Weekend,Akusse,Nkwatako,Wadawa,Sitan Tonkema songs off her Nkwatako Album she launched 2016 at Hotel Africana.

Fans hug Sheebah after her performance

The male revelers at the front row were not spared either,she dubbed and teased them sexually but on condition you don’t touch(hmmm).

Men were told to hug but not to touch the singing diva

Towards 2am towards the wrap of this fun night,she was sweating a sign that the show was memorable and worth revelers money.



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