Sheebah hated my hustle- Nina Roz

Sheebah hated my hustle- Nina Roz

By Ahmad Muto

Singer Nina Roz has revealed that the reason she is nolonger friends with her one time bosom buddy, singer Sheebah Karungi was her music career. According to Nina, when Jeff Kiwa gave her a chance to try music, Sheebah just went silent on her and stopped answering her calls without any explanations.

“When I started singing, Sheebah went silent and even showed me attitude when we met,” She says.

Nina adds that she made the effort to find out why, even approached her sisters to find out but got nothing. But when they onetime met at the shop, Sheebah accused her of becoming what she is not and she apologised but nothing changed.

Nina Roz made the revelation during an appearance on local TV

Nina Roz also says her family didn’t like Sheebah because of the nasty things said about her but she endured till she decided to stop talking to her and her sisters.

“She has never given me feedback on my music. I never wanted to believe she wasn’t against me joining the industry but she never came up to disapprove any of that. No support from someone I expected it from. I still don’t want to believe she looked at me as competition,” she adds.



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