Sekamatte, Ex-Lover Fight Over Property

Sekamatte, Ex-Lover Fight Over Property

Sekamatte, Ex-Lover Fight Over Property

Golden Production singer Grace Ssekamatte is involved in a bitter war with his ex-lover over property he allegedly grabbed from her.

The woman who accuses Ssekamatte of conning her is identified as Sophie Nakiwala, whom he was bonking some time back while she was abroad in the United Kingdom.

It should be recalled that Ssekamatte converted to Islam a few years back after hooking a Muslim babe identified as Sophie Nakiwala who is based in the UK.

Nakiwala claims that while she was working in the UK, she occasionally sent Ssekamate money such that he could build them a house, which he indeed erected.

However, she got shocked to learn that while she was sweating in the UK, Ssekamatte was busy in Uganda bonking other babes from her house.

Nakiwala got so pissed and dumped Ssekamatte, before hooking herself a new dude who is a banker in the UK, who has since ballooned her.

However, it is said that Nakiwala is currently embroiled in a bitter property wrangle with Ssekamatte, whereby she wants to take over the house located in Kabowa, although he is not willing to surrender it.

Meanwhile, one of the babes who caused the bitter split between Nakiwala and Ssekamatte is identified as Ida Namara, whom he snatched from a city Hajji, soon after backsliding and abandoning Islam.

Ida Namara

An insider revealed that Ssekamatte had gotten fed up of living a forced life of long distance relationship and on top of that, abstaining from his beloved pork and alcohol.

Our snoops reveal that Nakiwala, who is daughter of late UMSC Imam Sheikh Hakim Kimbowa of Munyonyo, insists that Ssekamatte must be evicted from her house, although claims that she has no evidence to prove that she sent him the money  he used to construct it.

This has caused a bitter standoff between the two former bonkmates.



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