Roden Y, Pallaso set concerts on same date

Roden Y, Pallaso set concerts on same date

Pallaso has set his concert on the same date as Roden Y

By Norah Mukimba

It seems that the Team No Sleep war that is between Roden Y and Pallaso has been taken to a new level.

The latest we have come to learn about is that the ‘Sitani Tonkema’ star will be holding his concert on December 8th at Centenary Park based Laftaz lounge and on the same date his rival Pallaso will hold his Soma concert on Kyadondo Rugby club as announced earlier.

Information reaching out from the Team no sleep camp indicates that all preparations are under way for Kabako to pull out a massive crowd this December. Last year, the two music rivals had concerts on the same day. Kabako held his ‘Number emu’ show at Nyondo club, which is a stone away from Freedom city where Pallaso had gathered his crowd as well.



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