“Queen of Katwe” Actress Seriously ill

“Queen of Katwe” Actress Seriously ill


Nikita Pearl Waligwa a 14-year-old actress is battling a brain tumor. Nikita acted as Gloria in the movie Queen of Katwe – 2016 that was widely watched both in Uganda and Internationally.

Nikita was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016. The doctors said the tumor was located at the part of the brain responsible for movement of the limbs, eyesight and speech. Doctors at Platinum hospital said that they lacked the equipment to carry out the surgery that she needed to get better and so she was referred to India.

Shortly after the surgery, she was diagnosed with Cancer. According to Rachel Asiimwe Waligwa, with the help of her friends, and former employers, Nikita underwent two radiation procedures in July 2016. In February 2017, she was declared Cancer free the same year her mother was diagnosed with Cancer and was given two months to live (she is still alive).

Nikita can no longer sit since her limbs cannot support her head. This time round the tumor is big leaving Nikita in unbearable pain and out of school. This has prompted the mother to seek for help to take Nikita to India for specialized treatment.



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