Photos: DoaDoa Market Elevates Traditional Dances

Photos: DoaDoa Market Elevates Traditional Dances

Commonly known as Doadoa festival, East Africa’s biggest performing arts market started with very inspiring performances from both Ugandan and international bands as it opened at the National Museum.

The three day event that started on Wednesday saw revelers and artists treated to performances from traditional dancers and folk bands.

Gugugulethu Berita Khumalo, a Zimbabwean born musician based in South Africa was one of the night’s highlighters. Gugu released her debut album The Conquering Spirit for which she won an award.

Berita Khumalo  at Doadoa

Despite singing in a strange language many revelers were seen dancing along to her songs as others recorded videos of the beautiful lady.

Revellers dancing to Berita Khumalo’s songs

As if that was not enough, Siti and the Band, a Taarab fusion band from Zanzibar rocked the stage in their traditional Swahili attire. Most revelers were seen on their feet as they danced to the soothing drums and songs.

“Where have these people been, this is good music,” said one of the revelers.

Siti’s band members

The night was later closed with local dances by House of Talent with various dances like Embaru, Amasoga, Magunju and Ntogolo and songs like ‘obangaina’ among others.

Traditional dancers doing what they do best

Siti (L) and Rahma (R) perform with the band

Siti & The Band was the night’s highlight

Siti herself

And the traditional dances started

Please don’t try this at home

Things got even better

Time to mingle

Her beautiful smile could make you dance no matter where you were

This foot work is on point



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