Photos: Comedians Imitate Cuban Doctors at Rock Comedy

Photos: Comedians Imitate Cuban Doctors at Rock Comedy

Comedy may be subjective, but everyone loves a good laugh. Whether its function is to educate, enlighten or simply entertain, a good joke is one of the most powerful communication tools we have. Humor can be refined or risqué, scornful or self-deprecating.

It has the capacity to inspire shock and introduce new ways of seeing the world. Down the years, cinema has provided some truly hysterical, unforgettable moments, be it in a classic Hollywood screwball, a scathing contemporary satire or something else entirely.

Daniel Omara was the obvious choice for the fans, seeing as how he had previously starred in the past versions. Yet no one could have predicted just how successfully he would transition to the next level.

Daniel Omara at the show

Omara being a popular face in Uganda‘s film and comedy fraternity left the audience with one of the most enduring male performances of the era when he talked about the Cuban doctors and Ugandan patients face when it comes to communication.

MC Kaplale’s unimpeachable performance dominated Rock comedy action

Fans laughing at the jokes

“We will have to thank MC Kapale and Omara among others for their sterling efforts for making tonight’s action amazing,” said one of the fans.

Few of Kapale’s coming-of-age jokes carry such a weighty cultural legacy; he does not leave stage without talking about sex, love, criticizing the Baganda and the slay queens.

Kapale interacting with the comedians

As  outrageous and borderline experimental comedy, Rock Comedy exceeds the stereotypes of other comedies, not simply over-enthusiastic about making a real spectacle of the talent show they organize, Rock Comedy require professional perfection from their performing entertainers.

Kapale’s flawless comic timing and unflinching readiness to reach extremes of expression makes him unpredictable, acerbic and hysterically funny.

There was also live band music, poetry and performance from Carolyn, an upcoming artist and other comedians such as Snake & Zolo and Omukebete

Live band at the show



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