PHOTOS: Australian Singer Daniel Aranda Leaves Lasting Impression

PHOTOS: Australian Singer Daniel Aranda Leaves Lasting Impression

Austrian instrumentalist Daniel Aranda left many revelers yearning for more while performing at Hotel Equatorial, abortion Kampala on Saturday evening May 27th.

The show which was meant to raise funds for the development of a borehole to provide safe water in Kyungu village, order Mukono, started at 9pm with performances from different Ugandan artistes.

The 20-year-old crooner all clad in white hit the stage with his popular jam “Back to Brazil”, which the audience energetically sang along to like they had been practicing with his band.

Speaking in the middle of the show, Aranda said that performing to Ugandans has been an exciting thing for him.

“I am grateful for the audience, and performing in this country makes me happy. Mwebale nyoo,” he said.

The singer who had great band coordination gave a challenge to other Ugandan artists especially after audiences started heckling on how these artists normally act disorganized during their live shows.

Although the show did not sell out as expected, Noah Wapeera, the organizer of the event, said that even the smallest number that attended was a win situation.

“We can’t say that we got what we expected but what we can say is that we are grateful for the people who turned up because they made a change to our project,” he said.

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