Phiona Kyeru crowned Miss Pearl Eastern

Phiona Kyeru crowned Miss Pearl Eastern

Miss Pearl Eastern Phiona Kyeru (centre) being congratulated

By Solomon Muleyi
Last week on Saturday, Bax Jinja played host to the Miss Pearl Eastern ceremony. The show had comedian Mc Mariachi open up with a jaw dropping performance. The MC of the night, Emma Napoleone stepped in to help. There were many local artistes who had been schedule to perform, yet they failed to make it on time, prompting comedian Emma Napoleone to instead perform comedy for the crowd. A blessing in disguise for the crowd, it turned out to be, as the comedian thrilled with a performance. He was later going to blame the organizers for failing to manage the musical artistes. At the end of the show cases, the light skinned Kyeru Phiona was crowned Miss Pearl Eastern. She’d tussled it out with 15 other girls​



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