Party-goers derive a party from sleep disorder

Party-goers derive a party from sleep disorder

By Denis Nsubuga

Trust ‘Kampalans’ on partying. To go revelry, many need no better reason than ‘its availability.’ Show them the party and get a backseat to see it become a talk on social media. Thus is the story of all themed parties.
Once such is IN-SOH-MNEA. Uniquely so, the name is derived from Insomnia, a sleep disorder where people have trouble sleeping.
It is also known as sleeplessness. And oh yes, that was one’s inspiration for party, thus the latest IN-SOH-MNEA party. “Some people won’t sleep because they want to party,” relayed actress and singer Hellen Lukoma, one of the hosts, during the launch.
When journalists pressed, Kim Hunx, another host, showed that he knew it was a biological disorder, but they chose to go with the ‘positive’ and lighter side of it— to party.
The first edition is slated for August 18 at one of the new city state-of-art party spaces, Sky Beach Lounge at Freedom City. It promises to come every after three mothers.
Like many themed parties of this day, it is devoid of performers, but with a lineup of DJs to entertain revellers throughout the do. City Deejays, Micky, Jerry Mhen, Mary Jo and Selector J are on this one which is expected to attract, patrons among them, socialites and slay’ queens.
Some of the deejays on the line up
Apparently it is high-end three-in-one party. “We shall have a beach party, pool party and club party in one night,” Kim said.
Insomniac is term given to person suffering from insomnia. They may have difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep as long as desired. Insomnia is typically followed by daytime sleepiness, low energy, irritability, and a depressed mood.​​


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