Pallaso Humiliates Social Media Influencer over a Tweet

Pallaso Humiliates Social Media Influencer over a Tweet

Singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has over time proved not to be a joking subject and one who does not tolerate familiarity at any level.

He confirmed it when he blasted famous social media influencer Faisal Ssessanga who calls himself  ‘Young Black King’ on twitter.

It all started when the influencer decided to mock the ‘Soma’ singer over his show last year that he held at Kyadondo Rugby grounds.

“Pallaso’s music career ended the day he told his students to show up at his show only for them to come late by an hour and he closed all gates to the show. This is why entire place was empty,” Ssessanga tweeted.

The irritated Pallaso could not help himself when he saw this degrading tweet; he decided to respond with the lowest blow on earth towards the influencer.

He wrote, “My pocket is full. You and your whole family can suck my dick.”

Everyone on twitter was thrown aback by the response from Pallaso saying it was a comeback with no chills.

Ssessanga is one of the highly paid social media influencers in Uganda; recently he was among the few people who were taken by Coca cola to South Africa to pick the World Cup Trophy.




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