NBS TV Sports Presenter Assaulted By Maid

NBS TV Sports Presenter Assaulted By Maid

The first popular person who was reported to have been assaulted by a woman in Uganda was Mc Kats who through social media posted his swollen and bruised face insinuating that his girlfriend Fille beat him up. A lot of controversy surrounded this incident until it passed but today, something happened to someone we didn’t too.

Allan Sekamate, one of the sports pundits at the ‘Home and Away’ programme that airs on NBS TV every Sunday was assaulted by his maid.

Allan says the maid known as Yvonne was hired by the mother of his kids is from Rwanda but she hit him with a block that almost removed his eye because he told her to light up a charcoal stove.

“The danger of hiring a maid without vetting. Mother of my kids got a schizophrenic from Rwanda named Yvonne and she almost cost me my eye. She hit me with a block because I asked her to light a charcoal stove. I think she is a hireling,” he said.

He also believes that she might have been hired by a thief called Das who wants him dead.


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