‘My Son’s Father Denied Him, Am Still Heartbroken To Date’ – Bukedde’s Namulindwa

‘My Son’s Father Denied Him, Am Still Heartbroken To Date’ – Bukedde’s Namulindwa

Bukedde TV’s Mary Flavia Namulindwa came out to disclose the secret behind her single-hood state and reason for turning down suitors.

While on national TV during a talk show hosted by Judithiana, Namulindwa spit venom as she opened up on her past relationship.
“I have ever been in love, mad love that no one can ever imagine. I was crazy in love but the outcomes hurt me,” Namulindwa stated firmly with bitterness.

She added, “We had everything but he never treated me right that is why now I can never give my whole in a relationship.”

Judithiana who clearly had an idea about the past of the ever jolly ‘Oluyimba lwo’ host kept mentioning the name ‘Kanyika’.

Namulidwa never refuted what Judithiana kept on mentioning which clearly indicated that it was the man who had hurt her so badly.

“I was so heartbroken till today that is why I never give much and I don’t expect much from a man,” she said with undeniable abhorrence.

When the talk show host hinted on the fact that the two had a son, Lebron, something that could always keep them close, Namulindwa almost lost her mind.

“Leave Lebron out of this, even when I die today he must be taken to my side, not anyone else’s side,” she said this while looking straight into the cameras as though making a will.

Namulindwa added, “What more connection can you have with a man who comes out and denies his own son? My son is mine alone.”

The conversation got heated up at this point so Judithiana tried to change the mood by reminding Namulindwa that all is well since she has a new man now.

“Yes I do,” Namulindwa confirmed as she smiled sheepishly.

The topic that brought up these distressing memories was about responsibilities of a man and a woman in a relationship.

“When we are just dating I can not put in my money because it is a time for the man to show me that he can take care of me,” Namulindwa pointed out.

She was making points basing on what she had gone through in her past relationship.



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