‘Musicians Who Rioted Against The Social Media Tax Embarrassed Us’ – Bebe Cool

‘Musicians Who Rioted Against The Social Media Tax Embarrassed Us’ – Bebe Cool

Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has come out to condemn celebrities that demonstrated against the newly introduced social media tax.

During an interview on one of the local TV channels, Bebe Cool stated that those people acted irrationally and that a riot was not called for.

“I cannot join my fellow musicians in this fight because I do not like their methods. They are all acting like a nuisance,” Bebe Cool said.

He added, “No musician has ever paid tax after collecting money from his/her show ever; they have bought property and are rich  but they are all making noise more than the common man who has always been paying tax.”

“I was so embarrassed by how they handled the issue because rioting has never solved any situation,” Bebe Cool said.

The ‘Katono’ singer also blamed the members of parliament for ever letting these unrealistic taxes to go passed them in Parliament without a fight.

“No MP lifted a chair or put up a fight as they passed these taxes, they should stop fooling us around,” Bebe said.

He also blamed the opposition for having no clear agenda in their fights, “The problem with today’s opposition is that they riot aimlessly without a solution.”

He said that they need to sit on a round table with Government and discuss how much percentage is reasonable enough to be paid in taxes by the masses instead of just demonstrating.

Bebe Cool however applauded the president for controlling social media as it is misused by so many people in Uganda.

“Uganda is the one country that over misuses social media; they use it for abusing people, posting pornography and other things so a good leader is right to control such a situation,” he pointed out.

Ugandan celebrities hit Kampala streets to demonstrate against the unpopular social media and mobile money tax on Wednesday.

The demonstration was organized by among others Hon. Kyagulanyi, who was joined by other musicians like A Pass, Nubian Lee, journalist Raymond Kataaha, Joel Ssenyonyi all clad in red t-shirts and caps as they shouted “This tax must go”.



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