MP Mbeiza Turns Into Busoga Kingmaker

MP Mbeiza Turns Into Busoga Kingmaker

MP Mbeiza Turns Into Busoga Kingmaker

Gorgeous Margaret Kisira Mbeiza, the woman MP for Kaliro is no longer the usual Mbeiza. She has become one of the powerful people from Busoga whom NRM government chief whip greatly relies on.

We are told booty-ful Mbeiza who is also a princess from Busoga is these days the regional coordinator of all MPs from Busoga.

“If you want anything about these Busoga MPs, don’t waste your time hunting for them. Just look for Mbeiza and the deal will be as good as done. She is so influential among the Busoga MPs and whatever she says none of them opposes it. She is a big mobiliser and is one of the people the chief whip relies on to move things in parliament” a snoop stated.

To prove how strong Mbeiza is, snoops tell us that even the NRM Party chairman doesn’t want to annoy her and whenever he wants confidential work done in parliament, Mbeiza is one of his blue-eyed gals there.

“Some MPs who want to be appointed to cabinet are ever frequenting her office seeking for appointments. They believe she is another power broker from Busoga. Mbeiza is too powerful that if she says something, members take it with a lot of seriousness” a snoop stated adding that Mbeiza not only stop at mobilizing members on matters on the floor of parliament but also encourages them to always visit their constituents and interact with them on matters affecting them. Watch this space!!



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