Mathias Walukagga Defies Minister’s Instructions Over Child

Mathias Walukagga Defies Minister’s Instructions Over Child

Last week, Kadongokamu musician Mathias Walukagga was reported to the authorities for child neglect and he came out with what is possibly the most stupid response anyone can ever say. ‘I don’t produce children with big heads’. He said

After this, the Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs Florence Nakiwala decided to get involved in the matter and she requested the mother of the child Aisha Namugerwa to be transported to Kampala for a DNA test which is the only option left to see who the real father of the child is.

Minister Florence Nakiwala ordered for a DNA test

Mathias Walukagga had earlier accepted but he changed his mind yesterday after consulting with his friend known as Makolo Kavuma told him not to do so.

He told him basing on the fact that the musician and the minister have always collided and this stemmed from the time the musician refused to perform at a function organized by Nakiwala in Masaka a few months back. Besides that, it is said the minister hates Walukagga because of his songs which she says stings the government.

It is also reported that Makolo adviced Walukagga to support the child, just like he would to any person in need and in the future take the baby to the US where he will do the DNA without any interruption.

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