Maro now jigger ambassador

Maro now jigger ambassador

By Ronnie Twinamasiko
Musician Maro refers to himself as the RnB Kyabazinga. To his list of titles, he can comfortably add, jigger ambassador after entering a partenership with a non-profit organistation, Sole Hope based in Jinja, which is largely dedicated to fighting foot related diseases in remote communities.
Maro has been selected to help the N.G.O in fighting the stigma associated with jiggers. Many people in remote Busoga suffer jigger infections.
Maro has released a song entitled Tundula in which he calls for an end to negative attitude towards communities affected by the jiggers.
Asked about his involvement, the singer said, “Being a musoga, I am happy to have been selected to be a voice against jigger stigma. This is something I am doing voluntarily.”



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