Mad Tiger’s ‘Life of a Legend’concert on

Mad Tiger’s  ‘Life of a Legend’concert on


After a long period without staging any concert for his fans, singer Mad Tiger real names Yusuf kavuma has finally broken the silence and his long awaited concert dubbed ‘Life of a legend is here. Mad Tiger who started his music career in the early 1990’s as a DJ and later turned into a recording artist cleared air and confirmed that the life of the legend concert arrangements are done.

The ‘obulamu bwensi bunyuma kiro’ hit singer assured his fans that majority of his old songs will be performed alongside his fresh songs. The concert has come a few weeks after releasing his latest album with songs like Babeera eyo, Africa among others.

Fans should expect the best of him having had enough time to organize and prepare for the event. The event will take place this Friday April 19 at Monalisa pub kabuusu with an entry fee of 10,000/=

He further asked media personalities and DJs to play his songs as a legend than waiting for money from him reasoning that he and a few have greatly contributed to this industry and therefore deserves respect and recognition at all levels

Mad Tiger is the singer behind hit songs like Obulamu bwensi, ekinjagaza owange, ffe tuliko, Bell and other songs. He also caution fans to stop asking him for new songs and advised them to ask them musicians who have just joined the circuit.



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