Limit X Member Isaac Rucci Attacked By Thugs

Limit X Member Isaac Rucci Attacked By Thugs

Limit X musician Isaac Rucci is now treating serious injuries after he was attacked at his gate last weekend.

The gospel musician was attacked by unknown people at 1:ooam and he says the attackers were ‘ready to do whatever’ and what hurt him the most is that, the people who committed the crime were all youths.

 “This was my story Friday night!! I was attacked at my gate Friday at about 1am. These thugs were ready for whatever! What breaks my heart is that they were all young teens,” he posted on his Facebook.

PAINFUL: Isaac Rucci after he was attacked by thugs 

He further went on and said that, he was blamed by some section on social media after he posted pictures immediately after he was beaten up but says he wants the conversation to continue because it happens on a daily.

“I want to amplify this so we can continue the conversation on what is happening to us now on a daily! Before Friday, I knew two close people that had gone through this and now am also a statistic. I am sure if i asked…many will say they know someone,” he concluded.

Isaac Rucci was attacked late in the night after reportedly using this taxi

Isaac Rucci is a media arts Consultant and Promotions manager who does corporate, product launches and activation for companies. He is one of the pioneering members of a gospel group called Limit X and has been hosting the Lotto premier Lottery.


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