Kabonero, Kavuya Dine With Kagame

Kabonero, Kavuya Dine With Kagame

Kabonero, Kavuya Dine With Kagame

City tycoons Bob Kabonero and Ben Kavuya enjoyed their weekend to the maximum, after rubbing shoulders with newly elected Rwanda president Paul Kagame.

Our Snoops reveal that Kavuya and Kabonero were amongst several dignitaries who flew to Kigali last week to attend president Kagame’s inauguration ceremony.

The Ugandan entourage was led by President Yoweri Museveni, who was escorted by several government officials and wealthy Ugandans, amongst them Kabonero and Kavuya.

Snoops in Kigali reveal that after the official ceremony, Kabonero and Kavuya were invited to the high table, where they dined with Kagame.

Snoops intimate that Kabonero is a childhood friend of Kagame. They used to stay together in down town Kampala around Nabugabo and during then they were staying at Dornat Kananaura’s building.

According to Snoops, during that time Kagame was in Uganda’s Directorate of Military Intelligence, which is now known as Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

Kabonero and Kavuya were amongst the few lucky Ugandans who are not political leaders to have a chance of dining with Kagame.



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