‘I love My Woman’- Salvador Opens Up On Making Relationship Official

‘I love My Woman’- Salvador Opens Up On Making Relationship Official

As more celebrities continue to make their relationships official, a few of them have kept hesitating stating that they still have a lot of time ahead of them.

Among them is comedian Salvador Patrick Idringi who has been in a relationship with his baby mama for over eight years but is not ready to follow the wedding bandwagon saying that it’s not an investment.

“I think before a wedding there is a proposal, kukyala, kwanjula and finally wedding. We still have time, we aren’t in a rush. I love my madam and she loves me too that’s what matters the most and besides a wedding isn’t like an investment where you will get monetary returns so you have to be really prepared for it,” he said.

The father of two added that a lot of people have made expensive weddings and are still chocking on loans.

“What’s the point of throwing a UGX 300M plus wedding then return to a rented house? Everything has its time my dear and when the time comes you will know for sure,” he added.

Patrick Idringi aka Salvado with Daphne and their babies

It should be remembered that Salvador’s wife Daphne once stated in an interview with ChimpLyf that she was happier than most married women.

“Salvador and I are not legally married but trust me we are happier than most married couples. Anyway very soon we shall legalize it, we are in no rush,” she said.




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