“I Know Them”-SK Mbuga Reveals the People Behind his Arrest

“I Know Them”-SK Mbuga Reveals the People Behind his Arrest

Jailed city businessman, SK Mbuga who has been behind bars for over three months over fraud allegations has revealed that he knows the people behind his arrest in Dubai.

While speaking to Bukedde television, the slim tycoon said that he was shocked to know that it was his own people that sent him behind bars for reasons he is about to establish.

“I got my investigative team in Uganda and I realized that I was set up by Ugandan mafias. And I know them,” he said.

He however clarified reports that he is in a bad condition saying that he is doing better that they think.

“I am in a better prison not what you think. I am in a good condition. My wife is ok and in Sweden and such things are expected in the life of any business person.

SK Mbuga and Jalia had a fancy wedding in 2016

The tycoon and his wife Vivienne Chebet are accused of conning an elderly man luring him with false promises and gold in 2015.

According to the report released by a Swedish News Paper Expressen, Chebet lured a Swedish politician Sten Heinsoo, 71, into false promises of love and gold which resulted into the fraudulent transfer of 53million kronor (23billion shillings) to Uganda.

The couple has lived in extreme luxury and has a number of luxury sports cars.

The paper further stated that until today, both “SK” Mbuga and Vivienne Chebet are still at large because Sweden has no extradition agreement with Uganda. However, a Swedish court has sent a request of legal assistance to Uganda to arrest and try the two.






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