‘I am Angry and Hurt but Confident that we shall Defeat those Pigs’ – Museveni

‘I am Angry and Hurt but Confident that we shall Defeat those Pigs’ – Museveni

President Museveni has finally come out and addressed the issue of the heartbreaking insecurity and instability that has gripped the whole nation.

During the reading of the national budget at Serena Hotel, Museveni opened up on what he felt about the current situation of unending kidnaps and broad day cold blooded murders.

“I am angry, I am hurt but I am confident that we are going to defeat those pigs,” Museveni said in his address.

He added, “We have dealt with these pigs before and I promise you that all those who were involved in these murders shall be crushed.”

The President instructed the ministers to organize themselves next week so that he addresses them about this issue at length and to inform them measures being taken to solve this situation.

He called upon citizens to be vigilant as another way to curb these merciless criminals that are eating up the country.

“I have noticed that there is lack of vigilance in all these cases like that one of Abiriga and Kaweesi. I want to argue you to be alert, call the police if you see anything suspicious although the police is dead. You can at least call your MPs or post it on social media,” Museveni cautioned.

In his address, the president clearly looked frustrated by the state of the nation that he also set a law concerning bail and police bond in regards to murder criminals.

“There are two things I am not going to allow anymore; granting bail and releasing murder suspects on police bond,” Museveni said before concluding his speech.

He warned and blasted certain media houses against the release of false information and misleading the public.



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