Ghetto King Preaches Peace in New Song

Ghetto King Preaches Peace in New Song

By Staff Writer 

Nick Rasta  a self-proclaimed King of All Ghettos who  calls himself the Ghetto King,  is back at it again but this time round he is not flaunting money bags like he did recently, but rather he is here musically preaching peace and love and assuring Ugandans that the music industry has a future as he still sings.

It is learnt that he has released double tunes along with their videos and they include ‘After 3 Days’ a hip hop/ Luga Flow song were he speaks about the complicated life after death and resurrection. Basically, he sings about his possible existence even after his death in the music industry. The song preaches trust as we hear him asking his people whether they will still be there for him after he is gone.

The second song is called World War 3 a humanitarian and peace preaching song which he gave time to blend in the most touching lyrics and peace educating lines that touch the whole globe.

World War 3 is a piece that was derived from all the ugly political turmoil that people have underwent globally which they don’t deserve especially the recent Arua saga that left many brutalized and a few dead

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