Five Ways to have a Memorable Eid-Ul-Fitr

Five Ways to have a Memorable Eid-Ul-Fitr

Eid-Ul-Fitr also known as ‘the festival of breaking fast’ is one of the most special festivities of the year for Muslims and it is right around the corner.

Eid is a day for Muslims however Christians are more anxious for it this time round since it is anticipated to fall on a weekday hence giving them a public holiday.

It is the celebration that Muslims all around the world eagerly wait for. They buy new clothes, cook delicious meals, and celebrate Eid with their loved ones. It is a day of faith, joy, family, and community.

For Muslims out there who are always indecisive on how to celebrate your day here is a worked up plan for you;

Go for Prayers

Eid Salah is one of the most important aspects of the day. There are many arguments about this but one thing we can all agree on is that the best thing to do is offer Eid prayer.

Eid prayer consists of two ‘rakats’, the first containing seven ‘takbirs’, and the second, five. A ‘kutbah’ (sermon) is conducted after the prayer has been completed. The ‘sunnah’ of the prophet also states that it best to offer Eid Salah in congregation and in an open field or stadium.

There is no better way to thank Allah for his grace upon your life and taking you through the fasting period than starting celebrations with prayers or going to the mosque as a family.

Clean and Decorate the Home

Make it a collective plot for the whole family. Make the house as sparkling clean as you can. Then, once the house is virtually spotless, decorate it with balloons, lights, banners, streamers, etc.

Get the younger kids involved in this process. Have them make decorative signs saying “Eid Mubarak” and post these around the house.

Put an Islamic song on the CD so everyone can sing or hum along while they work. The ideal one would be A Whisper of Peace which features the song “These are the Days of Eid”.

Such small things bring life to the house and create a celebratory spirit in everyone hence making the day colorful.

Celebrate as a family

Gift exchange

Gift exchange should not only be a Christian tradition on Christmas and thanksgiving or later on a Western culture; it is one of the activities that bring people together in love and unity so do it this Eid.

Put each family member’s name in a ‘Kufi’ and have each person pull one out. Whoever picks a person’s name has to buy or make that person a gift. Make gift exchange a constant tradition every Eid.

Charity Work

Also do some ‘Dawa’ by telling workers at the orphanages and homes what Eid, charity in Islam and Ramadan are about. Bring pamphlets and other written material.

Zakat also known as Charity is one of the pillars of Islam, just as sawm (fasting) is. One of the things to remember for Eid day is to make sure that you fulfill your obligations and give zakat.

It is something that is prescribed to Muslims during Ramadan, and there are clear and concise rules on how to calculate the amount you are liable to donate. So, make sure you have done your part to help the less fortunate before Eid arrives!

The visit can help remind everyone what it was like when they were hungry while fasting during the month of Ramadan.

Give back to the less privileged and show them love on this day as an act of selflessness and Godliness.

Share with your neighbors

Make dessert (something simple that almost everyone likes, like chocolate cake) and write up a short definition about Eid on a decorative card. Share this with your neighbors.

Better still get some of the food you have cooked to your neighbors as a way of spreading the love.



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