Fille Apologizes for missing Pepsi Gig

Fille Apologizes for missing Pepsi Gig

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Musician Fille who is managed by her hubby MC Kats has apologised for missing Pepsi gig.

Fille was supposed to be at a Twangula prize handover TV show only for her to get her facts wrong and go to the different place.

The singer said that she thought the event was in Entebbe yet it was in another location.

Her apology reads; ‘Am sincerely sorry for not making it to twangula with Pepsi live TV show. There was miss communication about the venue which I thought was Entebbe. Am sincerely sorry to Pepsi, my fans and all involved.

Pepsi’s Branson Semanda handsover a new TV screen to one of the winners from the Twangula promotion

It is very easy to be part of the Twangula promotion. Simply drink Pepsi, Mirinda or Mountain Dew glass bottle and check under the crown. If you find a code, SMS it to 7888 for a chance to win cars, motor bikes and Tvs among other things. If you find a prize, visit a Pepsi depot near you to redeem.

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