Fans upset with Weasel Manizo for bad Mowzey Radio comment

Fans upset with Weasel Manizo for bad Mowzey Radio comment

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Musician Weasel Manizo real name Douglas Mayanja is in trouble with Radio and Weasel fans following an audio that was making rounds yesterday where he said some nasty stuff about the now deceased music legend, Mowzey Radio.

In the audio, Weasel said that Angel Music Label was never Mowzey’s but his. He also said that he registered it in his names and it has always been his. You can listen to the audio here. 

Fans on Social Media are upset after listening to the audio and here are some of their comments.

Eve says;  ‘Weasle is a traitor/yudah. I recall in their song “bwogeza nondekawo, ngenda kwekola ekintu” . They were all kwesubizaring nti if u leave me I’ll harm my self. Up to now Weasle tanekola kintu kyona. He is just a coward.’

Edith says; ‘Hmmmm. Radio is better than you even in death. You will never reach his niche of talent. I pity you because your career was buried with him you have nothing to offer.’

Richard said; ‘However much he was pissed, he wouldn’t have uttered such kind of unsolicited words. Radio made him what he is now. But he has forgotten in such a short period of time. Embwa eyo.’

Ramah says; ‘Radio could even sing alone, he hd a solo album b4 his death!! Som resp 4 him blood yakuyamba nyo!!! Nera nakesa. Swit lady, mama, romantic call hehe.’

However, some fans agreed with Weasel’s point of view.

Julie says; ‘Yes its weasel and he is so ryt people have failed to mind their business they are minding about Weasel wat he does whr he goes …putting him on pressure they want him to do wat they want not considering what he wats!let him do wat makes him happy after all life is about happiness.’

Diana says; ‘Me I think the boys in gdlyf r putting weasle on pressure so he’z rily assuring them that radio died!! En sure even me I haven’t yet believed!! Becoz of the bitterness the boys hv they just post things in social media so weasle isn’t hapi ABT it!! Even if it was U in weasle’z shoes U WD say the sem nga U r mad!! Weasle is a strong buoy IV n vet seen a strong person lyk him!! So he’z shocked too as we r!! But the boys around him r not understanding him!!’

We will keep you posted.

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