DJ Roja And DJ Slick Stuart’s Red-Hot Mixtape Party Season 4

DJ Roja And DJ Slick Stuart’s Red-Hot Mixtape Party Season 4

Many fans especially those attending a show or rather party organised by DJs cannot be blamed for being confused as to what to expect at an event like this. Well for those who have attended the previous 3 editions, they could be familiar with proceedings. However, last night The Mixtape Party season was organised by the dynamic duo DJ Roja and Slick Stuart was red hot – literally.

Well if you are still confused, the party was lit and heated up in all aspects and the sweaty revellers were burning up because what else could explain the heat that engulfed the main hall at Golf Course Hotel other than that could fry an egg. Mainly two things; first that the hall was filled to capacity and two that the occupants were involved in rigorous activity hence generating extreme  heat which was the case last night.

Award winning DJ duo of Roja and Slick Stuart have many people happy from events to clubs and private parties to community functions and every end of year celebrate this by organising a Mixtape party in which they host colleagues, artistes and above all their fans in a party where they do not only display their mixing skills on the turn tables, but also interact with the fans.

Last night’s edition being their fourth, they had to come up with something fresh to engage the revellers and with Talent Africa’s Aly Alibhai on board, the first change was venue from Centenary Park and other places to the more luxurious and spacious Gold Course hotel at Garden City. The second more notable being the setting which did not look far off different from that of DJ Diplo another of Alibhai’s success stories in a similar event.

The rest being minor details, the party kicked off at about half past 9 when the room got filled up as there was a slight delay because of the slow streaming in of revellers who were probably caught up by the Black Friday craze that had excited many across the world.

With fellow DJs like DJ BK, RPM, DJ Meek, DJ Jerry, DJ Aludah,DJ Naselow and Selctor J among others curtain raising in lively combinations of two, the stage was set for what was coming up as MCs Kats, MC Esco, MC Wright and Hype man kept the ambiance animated till Kabako and Sheebah interrupted with an abrupt appearance on stage that seem to catch everyone including organisers unawares.

As usual they had an electric performance of their popular collaboration before Sheebah melted the fans away with a sexy showcase of her latest hit song ‘John Rambo.

That was what exactly the now big invigorated crowd needed to  welcome the stars of the night who came on stage in style shortly after 11 pm with poppers flying all over amidst deafening cheers.

They got straight to business taking the crowd to crowd nine with pour party vibes and club bangers as they rotated from local to international hits. Their mixes  had interludes of performances from artistes like Fik Fameica, YKeebenda, Kemishan, Winnie Nwagi  and Beenie Gunter before Bebe Cool came late on to wind up the performances from artistes.

The party sponsored by Uganda Waragi then continued late on till a few minutes after 2am before the duo thanked the fans for a big turn up as the revellers left at leisure.             

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