Crazy Spice Diana teases fan with boob

Crazy Spice Diana teases fan with boob

Spice Diana let the male fan feel her boobs on stage


Ugandan female singer Spice Diana real names Diana Namukwaya will never stop surprising us as she has once again done it grimy live on stage with her fans in an unstoppable way, she has striped, Romanced, and we predict she might have even became wet during a live performance.

A few weeks ago, news come out after Spice Diana had kissed a fan, but now all that is about to go to the past after this new one she just showcased live on stage, we don’t know whether she was drunk or she just wanted to entertain her fans.

While performing, Spice Diana called upon a sexually starving fan to come on stage and undress her, the guy came and removed her jacket while romancing her full body, he touched and deep pressed her b00bs forcing her upper body to react.

She later on called upon another supporter who jumped on stage and in the bid to utilize the opportunity, the fan nearly bonked the celebrity on stage and everybody wondered what had gone wrong with the thirty two



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