Best Shoes to Wear When Traveling

Best Shoes to Wear When Traveling

Like the proverb goes “experience is the best teacher” l have had my share of hiccups with my shoe game when traveling but hey!!

l don’t want you to go through the same problems like l had to face  so while packing for a safari consider this as advice from a special friend.

I know it may be hard for us ladies not to pack the four inch shoes that may give us a little lift and a butt but to be realists you cannot hike in them and be confortable.

Below are a few landfills on how to choose the best safari shoes and why.

Walking shoes


First you need a quality, comfortable pair of walking shoes with solid support because you will find yourself wearing this particular pair of shoe the majority of the time.

So l repeat it needs to be comfortable.

Hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are the best option

With hiking shoes l would prefer ankle booties especially if you’re thinking of activities like trekking chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas because of the cold weather and insects that may make it impossible for you in normal shoes.

Activity shoes

Activity shoes can be anything

These are what l call special shoes which l usually pack for a specific event you will want to do on a trip whether it’s climbing shoes, dancing etc.

The good news with this one is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and style they all apply according to the activity lined up for you.


Flip-flops / Sandals

flat shoes

Just like activity shoes these you can add a little more style like something dresser like or something that fits a dress outfit.

It’s usually a bonus, if they are comfortable and can alternate with your walking shoes to add variety.

Just make sure they are travel friendly.



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