B2C Trio In Big Endorsement Deal

B2C Trio In Big Endorsement Deal

Hits alone don’t make someone successful. It is a whole package and perhaps the music group called Born 2 Conquer (B2C) are starting to taste their success as the latest we have received is that the boy-trio has started getting endorsement deals and not from any other company but a big one like Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

The new kids on the block earlier yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with URA to have their song as a theme for the Taxpayers Appreciation week.

The young musicians who have quickly made a name for themselves on the Ugandan music scene are behind the song “Thank you Taxpayer” which was debuted and frequently played at the Taxpayers Appreciation Week. The song continues to dominate Ugandan airwaves with the message of appreciating the taxpayer.

“Supporting young home grown talent is one sure way of creating partnerships that impact our society. B2C has greatly contributed to the efforts of preaching the gospel of Voluntary Compliance to Tax and Domestic Revenue Mobilisation”, said an official from URA.

Besides thank you taxpayer, the trio have quite a number of songs including ‘Gutamiza’ alongside Goodlyfe, ‘Kapande’ alongside Eddy Kenzo and ‘Njabala’ with Spice Diana among others.

B2C sign the MOU as one f the URA official watches on

B2C meet one of the URA officials


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