Anne Kansiime’s Ex Enjoying Singlehood With Beautiful Company

Anne Kansiime’s Ex Enjoying Singlehood With Beautiful Company

Ann Kansiime’s ex-husband Gerald Ojok, seems to be taking bachelorhood entirely on a positive note.

As the saying goes ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’, Ojok is clearly following this saying religiously given his past circumstances.

The recently separated chocolate gentleman was a few days ago spotted with a mysterious stunning lady during an event in Kampala.

“As you can see I came to have fun with my company,” he told ChimpLyf.

The two sat together through out the event, whispering and bursting out in laughter.

The beautiful lady who had short hair and was clad in a blue body hugging short dress could display her mindblowing smile from time to time at something Ojok would say.

He however told chimplyf that he had not yet started dating, “I will date when am ready,” he opened up.

This though is not stopping him from enjoying gorgeous company and we all know how love stories begin.

Ojok and Kansiime split late last year after allegations of infidelity and other unresolved issues but single hood does not look bad on Ojok at all.



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