5 Most Popular Ugandans in 2019

5 Most Popular Ugandans in 2019

By Staff Writer

Without doubt, these are the most popular Ugandans at the moment.

1. Fresh Kid
The young boy came, saw and conquered. He’s been on our lips. He’s shaken the ground in the ministry of gender. He will keep shaking the ground till we don’t know when.

2. Sheilah Gashumba
Ever since she found God’s plan, life has never been the same. It is no wonder she now seeks for half a billion in compesation. She spends 5 million on every outing.

3. Bobi Wine
Speak of favour, speak of Bobi Wine. It is as though he can never do any wrong. Everything he touches becomes gold. If you want to succeed in 2019, just get the Bobi Wine endorsement.

4. Bebe Cool
When he says he is the author of the Ugandan showbiz booklet, believe him. Trust Bebe Cool to be relevant everyday everywhere. He will never be ignored in life. At least he will annoy the whole country so they can give him attention.

5. Bad Black
Snail baby is the queen of snapchat. She has given us the Maama Jonah episodes. She exposed Bebe Cool as small size. Bad Black sneezes, the whole country catches a cold.

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