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Faded dancehall singer Young Mulo is slowly but surely bouncing back in the limelight.

Under his new management ‘Bond Empire’ and with the latest single ‘Wulira Bano’ enjoying media airplay, the talented singer feels like it’s the perfect time to give back to his ardent fans.

Mulo has announced the dates for his ‘Young Mulo In Wulira Bano Live Concert which is going down in December this year.

Yung Mulo

The singer will perform at Front Page, Zana on 1st Dec, Club Ambiance, Masaka on 5th Dec, The Renas, Kawanda on 6th Dec and finally at Afronica, Kasangati on 8th Dec. He will perform alongside Uganda’s finest artistes.

The cover charge is 10K – ordinary, 50K – VIP and VVIP table – 250K.

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Finally, Development Channel boss writes to President Museveni Wed, 26 Sep 2018 00:31:36 +0000 My name is Charles N. Lambert and I represent the global Pan-African quest for economic independence through an umbrella known as the “United Citizens of Africa” (UCA). I lead a strong army of over 500,000 subscribed believers in our cause of demanding Africa’s economic independence and the end of gross poverty in our continent. I have passionate followers in countless countries including but not limited to hundreds of thousands in Nigeria, thousands in Kenya, South Sudan, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. I can boldly say that I REPRESENT the present day Pan-Africanism in regards to the pursuit of economic independence for Africa, a thing we believe is expedient.

In case you have not observed Mr. President, you are the last remaining single individual in all of Africa’s 1.3billion people that has the foundation, the understanding and the experience regarding Pan-Africanism. We don’t just need you, we have travelled thousands of miles to Uganda just to find you and rest our pursuit on the grace of our ancestors which you have carried tirelessly for decades. YOU are the only reason why the base of our efforts has been set in Uganda because as the scriptures say “If the foundation be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?” Hence by default, you have no option than to embrace the fact that you are OUR LEADER and one which we MUST work with to fulfill the aspirations of our fathers who fought to set our various nations free from colonial oppression and begin a blue print towards our development as a people.

As you have narrated in the Mustard Seed, the economic pursuit of independence for Africa was to follow the political one but somewhere along the lines, something went missing. Your excellency Sir, we have gathered that which went missing and have the most comprehensive, robust, proven, pragmatic and sustainable platform consisting of 25 companies and backed up with unbelievable ideological followership that is guaranteed to crush anyone who stands in opposition to the cause. There is nothing that is remotely as comprehensive as what we possess in UCA and we have NO MATCH in leadership contention for the pan-African economic liberation movement be it with NGOS, governments, international agencies or private businesses- we are designed to LEAD EVERYONE. There is nothing that will belittle us as referring to us as just another investor in Uganda.

Your Excellency, our movement will practically and permanently ERASE all your nightmares as a leader. Scriptures says “Write the vision and make it plain upon tables that THEY MAY RUN THAT READS IT….” As you can see from the scripture, you have been writing, articulating, making it plain YET no one has bothered to RUN with that which you have written. There is a massive, irreparable disconnect between your ideals and the people to execute them which is most evident that despite the peace, the enabling environment and the countless ideas you give, Uganda was listed three weeks ago as the 3rd poorest country in the world by GDP. I do not believe you want to use another 30 years to discover that you MUST look at unprecedented platforms such as ours to serve Ugandans and Africans at large. The present statuesque does not work and the same people are telling the masses that YOU are responsible for unemployment, poor housing and gross poverty in the land when in actuality the reverse is the case.

We are about to move into the next steps of our Pan-African economic liberation movement and we are setting up a phone manufacturing plant in YOUR VILLAGE (Rushere, Rwakitura municipality, kiruhura district) by November 2018 and it will be the first place in all of Africa where mobile devices and IT products are made. This is an honor our movement has bestowed on you because you have stood for more than 50 years on the same ideals we now represent especially in regards to your position on “… benefiting foreign economies to the detriment of the local people” (Economic War proposed by you-President Yoweri Museveni in the 10Point Program). In all intentions and purposes, you are our father, my father. This is why we have set up the first tool for our first of 25 battles in your hometown and have vowed to foster your legacy to ALL of Africa so as to receive and maintain the grace of all the fathers of Pan-Africanism long dead.

In continuation of our commitment to Uganda BECAUSE OF YOU AND THE GRACE OF OUR ANCESTORS IN PAN-AFRICANSIM WHICH YOU CARRY, We are also set to establish a car manufacturing plant in Jinja, food processing in Gulu (I am excited to turn your value addition theory on coffee to living reality), a women empowerment oil and gas corporation in Masindi, a home construction institute in Soroti, the Black wall Street in Kampala, an e-commerce processing in Nakasongola, and so much more. I can guarantee you that given your support from this month of September 2018, that by January 2019, over 1 million jobs will be available in Uganda for the Youth with work assimilation training provided and wages exceeding your middle income projections for the country. Your Excellency, we can ERASE unemployment in Uganda in a twinkle of an eye given your support.

Your Excellency, it was you and NOT my humble self that called for a combination of “capitalistic and socialist ideals” in the building of the nation. We responded to your own ideas in our “Our child support program for Uganda” yet because you are not yet publicly on board with what we are doing, we have been oppressed by members of your own government, called various names including scam by your own police and harassed without mercy by your own government’s media (New Vision Group). This is the same program that is bound to give you countless international awards and recognition for the country! Your Excellency, we are tired of seeing our best intentions destroyed because of your silence towards our movement which the Ugandan people unfortunately do not have the slightest understanding about.

You cannot afford to leave us defenseless anymore among very uninformed and highly ignorant public as too much will be lost in the process including our planned Job seekers allowance for job seekers and the various other initiatives unheard of by any other country in the history of Africa. In summary, history is unfolding through our presence in Uganda to tap into your grace and we are employing you to embrace our platform, stand on it and lead Africa to economic independence through us. We are formidable, dependable and ruthless in efficiency.

Finally, just like the political independence was finally attained, we will attain economic independence for Africa and permanently delete our identity with poverty and death.

May God bless and keep you.

May God bless and keep Africa.

Your Ideological Son,

Charles N. Lambert

Founder & Chairman

United Citizens of Africa (UCA)

Development Channel (DC)

Great Uganda Initiative (GUI)

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Kenzo starts fundraising drive for Yasin Kawuma’s family Wed, 26 Sep 2018 00:31:35 +0000 Eddy Kenzo has launched a 48 hour fundraising drive so the public can send their financial assistance to the family of slain Yasin Kawuma who was Bobi Wine’s driver.

This is after the family declined to accept a Shs.20M condolence from President Museveni that was delivered by musician Catherine Kusasira on Sunday September 23.

Kenzo has taken to Facebook to call upon the public to send their contributions to the mobile money number of the deceased’s brother Male Sabit.

“Soldiers shot and killed Hon. Kyagulanyi’s bodyguard and Driver Yasin Kawuma. The family has been crying out for justice. The world has been calling for the arrest and prosecution of the people who killed the young man, forcing him to leave his children at a young age. I know the President has the ability to know who murdered Kawuma and bring them to justice and that is what we want, that’s what the familywants, and that’s how it should be.

Instead of that, our fellow artistes have picked money from him to take to this grieving family. Kale tetuganye 20m is a lot of money, but obulamu tebugulwa. We want justice first and money can come in later. The family has appreciated the President for his generous contribution, but told the messengers to return the money. They demand justice for their father’s death. I feel proud of them because dignity is better than silver and gold. Your late dad, brother and husband must be proud of you. Bambi mumuweseza ekitiibwa.

I have gotten in touch with my brother Bobi and the family of late Yasin and requested them for permission to start a fundraising campaign for them. Send your contributions via mobile money to +256755 897891

It is in the names of Yasin’s elder brother Male Sabit. The fundraising runs for 48 hours from today. We will tell you how much you have raised for the kids and family. God bless you”.

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Sheebah Karungi changes concert venue​ Wed, 26 Sep 2018 00:31:33 +0000

Sheebah Karungi has switched her concert venue to Hotel Africana.

The “Wankona” hitmaker was initially set to hold the concert dubbed “Omwooyo” at Kyadondo Rugby grounds.

The reason for the change remains unknown.

Sheebah Karungi’s concert is scheduled to take place on November 30, 2018.

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Song Writer Black Skin Rants Over Artistes’ Failure To Give Him Credit Tue, 25 Sep 2018 22:31:13 +0000 Most of the time, credit is given to musicians for hit songs but little appreciation is given to the producers and song writers. Despite the fact that award organizers have a slot for the song writers in their specific awards, it is still not considered a big deal.

The only song writers who are appreciated for their work double as musicians as well like the late Mowzey Radio, A Pass and Nince Henry among others

This issue of song writers not not getting the credit they deserve has for a long time not been taken serious until song writer and singer Black Skin came out to mention the songs he has written without accreditation. Through his Facebook page he came out and said that he has written a number of hits but it is only Bebe Cool who credits him.

“Can I go on write good music for these artists who are so min can’t even come out and say that Blackskin wrote this song for me part from Bebecool who is very ok with it,” He wrote.

Black Skin who was also affiliated to Swangz Avenue went further by naming some of the songs he has penned which include ‘Agenda Akuuse’ by Sheebah Karungi, ‘Sitani Tonkema’ by Sheebah, Roden Y and Fik Fameica, ‘Muwe’ by Sheebah, ’32’ by Spice Diana and Weasel, ‘Tokyayitaba’ by Weasel, ‘Embuzi Zakutudde’, ‘Ampalana’ and ‘Kimanazino’ by Gravity Omutujju ,’Tuzina Tulumya’ by Fattah, ‘Katono’ by Aganaga, ‘Twegalile’ by Navio and ‘Tatizo’ by Jose Chameleone.

Singer and song writer Black Skin is not happy with artistes whom he has written hit songs for but not credited him

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UBCs Ritah Aliguma Gets Married To Slovenian Zidar After Meeting On Facebook Tue, 25 Sep 2018 22:31:12 +0000 Dear gorgeous Kampala girls that keep on ignoring messages in your inboxes, please read this and get inspired!  Sometimes the serious things go in people’s inboxes, not the usual jokes as you may think. Indeed it goes down in the DM! as Uganda Sports Press Association Vice President Aliguma Ritah and Zidar, the President of Slovenia Sports Press Association have proven as they are officially husband and wife after meeting on Facebook about three years ago.

The two lovebirds tied the knot on Saturday in a secret Wedding that took place at Speke Resort Munyonyo with only close relatives and friends in attendance.

The wedding came as shock to many as Ritah kept it as her top secret. She has been secretly organizing with her close friends at UBC where she works as a sports Presenter. Two weeks back, Ritah had introduced Zidar to her parents in Hoima also in another secret ceremony. Very few close family members attended the function. We were later informed that Zidar spoilt Ritah’s parents with so many gifts that melted their hearts.

After exchanging their life time Vows, the two treated their guests to a luxurious and expensive dinner at Speke Resort Munyonyo on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Ritah and Zidar tied the knot recently after meeting on Facebook and building a romantic relationship.  

With a background of sports, most of the invited guests were from the sports fraternity and it was only for the few invited people.

According to reliable sources, Zidar is also into sports administration back in Slovenia where he is the president of Slovenia Sports Press Association. Just like earlier said, Ritah and Zidar met years back on Facebook and exchanged contacts and kept in touch.

They then took it a notch higher when they met again in South Korea and then Brussels where he asked her out and then expressed his desire to make her his wife something she obliged to.

Photo moment for the couple at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

On the other side besides being a sports presenter, Ritah is also the Vice President of Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA), the first female to hold that position. She is also an executive member of the Association of International Press Association (AIPS) African bureau.

Before tying the knot last year in June, Zidar gave Ritah a surprise birthday gift by allowing visiting her parents in Hoima in a traditional ‘Kukyala’ ceremony. During the same ceremony, Zidar took a lot of gifts something that impressed Ritah’s family and had a clear indication that he is serious with their daughter.


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Photos: Bell Jamz Hostel Silent Disco Excites MUBS Students Tue, 25 Sep 2018 22:31:08 +0000 We are comfortable to say that craze of the Hostel Silent Disco is slowly taking over universities and a special round of applause goes to Bell Lager and Muchachos who have given and are still giving the young campusers this exciting experience

This event’s main intention was to bring the silent disco experience to hostels in different universities with 12 Djs playing the hottest and lit jams at an affordable entrance fee of Ug Shs 10,000. It started on Saturday the 1st September at New Nana Hostel, Makerere University and going by the students’ encouraging reception of the first edition at Nana Hostel, the second edition was also a big success

On Sunday the 23rd of September, Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Ideal Platinum Hostel was thronged by students and other revellers (not necessarily MUBS students)  for the second edition of the ongoing Hostel Silent Disco.

It was a beats and beer affair that kicked off as early as 8PM and the revellers listened and danced to the music from the different channels where different music genres were played by the night’s Djs like Wabz, Tony, Meek, XYZL, Alza, Kasbaby, Ciza, Dash who played in different shift throughout the night

According to our realiable sources, at some point, the students kept on switching from channel to cahnnel because of the amazing tunes the Djs were playing which made the whole event a fun filled one

Leaving alone the music, the drinks were also in the building and beer was at an affordable price of only Ug Shs 3,000

As the students of Uganda Christian University, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Kampala International University and Kyabombogo university prepare for their editions which are coming int his particular order, Here is how the Hostel Silent disco MUBS version went in full colour photos

Some of the students enjoying the silent disco

Dj XZYL on the ones and twos

The crowd was so encouraging

Dj Roja on the wheels of steal

Dj Ciza

Dj Kas Baby

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Brian Isiko’s ruling set for October 4 Tue, 25 Sep 2018 21:30:58 +0000 By Website writer
High Court has pushed to next week, the ruling on an appeal filed by YMCA student Brian Isiko.

The love-lorn Isiko grabbed national headlines when he was accused of stalking Kabarole Woman MP Sylvia Rwabwogo. She was sentenced to two years in jail but later appealed his sentencing after securing bail.

Isiko’s ruling was expected today (Tuesday, 25, September), but the presiding magistrate was absent at court. The ruiling has been pushed to 4th October.

Isiko’s lawyer, Ramadhan Waiswa said that that despite the small inconvenience they were ready for the ruling next week.

In his appeal, Isiko faults magistrate Kamasanyu for changing his plea of not-guilty to guilty, without following the prescribed procedure in the law and for convicting him on charges of cyber harassment and offensive communication basing on inadequate pieces of evidence.

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Oktoberfest early bird tickets on sale Tue, 25 Sep 2018 21:30:57 +0000 By Website writer
Oktoberfest Kampala is back for a third edition of the biggest beer festival in the town and around the world. It has been marked as this month’s must-attend beer event for the fun-drinking Kampala regulars in town set for September 29, at the Uganda Museum Gardens.

Revellers in a beer swigging competition at a previous edition of the Oktoberfest

The offer for the early bird tickets to the event are now accessible courtesy of the Blue Weekend promotion under Stanbic Bank with the VISA and Mastercards. They are also available for purchase at the Junction Bar and Uganda Museum till the D-day, Saturday.
The beer festival will be having an exclusive entertainment line-up of songbirds like Cindy Sanyu, Naava Grey, Arie and Siima Sabiti. These all-time favourite divas will be ready to hypnotize the crowds with their voices as revelers charge up with Tusker Lite drinks.

Oktoberfest Kampala is back for its third edition

There will also be exciting activities in store for party-people. Traditional Oktoberfest games such as beer straw challenges, tug-of-war, beer pong, arm wrestling, Stein glass hoisting challenge, eating challenge, beer speed drinking and many other activities will be present with prizes to be awarded.
Oktoberfest is largely celebrated in various capitals all over the world with its origin coming from the German culture. The Ugandan version of the fun fiesta will entail celebrations of food, blends of different cultures and merrymaking.

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Chozen Blood quits Jeff Kiwa’s TNS Tue, 25 Sep 2018 21:30:54 +0000
Chozen Blood has quit TNS

By Norah Mukimba

The “wadawa” hit maker Patrice Musasizi alias Chozen Blood has left Jeff Kiwanuka’s music group Team No Sleep (TNS).

Chozen Blood decided to quit the group after falling out with Jeff Kiwa. It is assumed that the singer felt that Jeff was not doing enough to push his career as promised when he joined.

Chozen Blood has for some time been consigned to the role of songwriter and video vixen as he is a constant fixture in most of TNS’ poster girl Sheebah Karungi’s videos.

This has been jeff Kiwa’s trend since way back when he managed Leone Island as he only concentrated on Chameleone yet the crew had other singers like Radio, Weasel, King Saha and others. Jeff did the same when he took over Goodlyfe as he pushed Radio & Weasel leaving others a side like Sizzaman, Gift of Kado frustrated.

It should be noted that Jeff Kiwa’s main focus in TNS is Sheebah and this has not gone down well with other members of the group who feel they are just there to play backup.

Chozen is yet to reveal his next step as of now he says that his currently managing himself and focusing on promoting the audio and video of his latest song titled ‘Lumya’.

If we all remember, he arose on the music scene with block buster hit ‘Pressure ya Love’ featuring Faridah Walden who decided to relocated to Europe for greener pastures.

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